About Lori Sterley

As a native Northwesterner, Lori Sterley has seen Seattle change from a one-industry town to the global hub of technology. In recent years, she has been part of that change, helping local families buy and sell their homes, and providing new housing needed for those moving into the area to man the IT revolution.

After graduating from the University of Washington, Lori wanted to put her talents to use helping people attain their versions of the American dream. Where better to start than with real estate, the very foundation of personal wealth?

Lori’s own home reflects her values. Over the past decade, she and her father have worked together to restore her 1887 house, on the historical register in downtown Snohomish.

With more than fifteen years of service to the industry – including earning her mortgage broker’s license – Lori is well versed in residential and commercial real estate and land development, in addition to her vast experience in all aspects of financing. She has built relationships with a team of experienced professionals — from title and escrow, attorneys and architects, to home inspectors, contractors, landscaping and cleaning services, and stagers. Whatever your needs, she has the experience and local knowledge to help you reach your goals.